Some of the events coming up for Norman Hay companies

Surface Technology plc
Automotive Coatings Seminar - Materials Finishing Solutions for Automotive Components
16th November 2012 - The Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, UK

Hosted by leading materials finishing applicator Surface Technology plc, the Automotive Coatings Seminar will showcase the benefits and use of surface coatings and treatments to both the component supplier and vehicle manufacturer.

Ultraseal International to exhibit at Japan's 17TH Die Casting Congress and Exposition 2012 in Yokohama

Ultraseal International, which in 2010 opened an office in Japan, is to exhibit for the second time at the country's leading exhibition for the foundry industry, the 17th Die Casting Congress and Exposition 2012.

The global leader in solutions for the eternal problem of porosity in casting will exhibit its range of sealants and impregnation equipment at Booth A18 at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall, in Yokohama Japan, from November 8th - 10th 2012.

With 45 years of experience Ultraseal has led the market for decades with its innovations, being the first company to introduce the world to the economic, environmental and performance benefits of recyclable sealants.

Its world leading impregnation recycling sealants - Rexeal 100 and MX2 - are officially approved for US military specification MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 and 3) and are the only recyclable sealants being used widely in industrial and automotive applications. This US Mil standard is widely accepted throughout the world as the global benchmark for impregnation sealant performance.

Having had a presence in Japan for many years through a local distributor, in 2010 Ultraseal opened an office in Osaka, Japan, run by General Manager Hiroki Kashiwa, to better serve its expanding customer base. The decision to exhibit at the largest event for the die-casting industry in Japan with a much increased stand size reflects Ultraseal's growing presence and continuing success in the market.

Mr Kashiwa said: "Ultraseal leads the world with Rexeal 100 and its innovative range of impregnation equipment which is now being used as routine quality enhancement process by many suppliers to the automotive industry.

"Ultraseal is a truly global operation and our office in Osaka is a valuable point of contact for Japanese OEMs both for their domestic operations and also for their overseas operations in countries such as China and other areas of South East Asia.

"We have the expertise to reliably and permanently solve the problem of porosity in casting: we understand the chemistry and the impregnation process and offer technical support around the world."

Rexeal 100 offers many benefits over conventional sealants: a quick cure time, reliable sealing at temperatures of up to 220°C, and the advantages of recycling up to 90% of the sealant from the cold wash cycle back to the autoclave for immediate re-use.

To maximise environmental benefits Rexeal 100 can be used in Ultraseal's closed loop impregnation equipment which can be run almost continuously around the clock with minimal production downtime. Recycling both the sealant from the cold wash and the hot water from the hot cure cycle, it reduces energy bills for heating the water and produces minimal waste water.

Ultraseal India to exhibit at Alucast 2012

Ultraseal India, which has a proud history of solving the problem of porosity in casting for more than 25 years, is to exhibit at India's largest show for the die casting industry, Alucast 2012.

The company will extol the benefits of Ultraseal's highly approved methacrylate-based sealants that reliably and permanently solve porosity in casting and the related impregnation equipment at exhibition Stand 91 & 92.

The show at the India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi, from December 13th to 15th 2012 is expected to attract thousands of visitors from India's booming foundry industry and its key customers.

Many of those are in the automotive market where it is now routine to impregnate cast metal parts with sealant as a routine quality enhancement and solution to address the universal problem of porosity in castings, especially for parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, and transmissions.

Ultraseal India PVT, based in Pune, is the market leader in India, with a host of major auto manufacturers including Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, and Sunbeam Auto among its customers.

Established by Devindra Nath, one of the pioneers of low-pressure diecasting in India, the company is in collaboration with UK-based Ultraseal International, the global leader in impregnation sealants and associated machinery.

Ultraseal was the first company to introduce recyclable sealants to the market and today it produces world-beating MX2 and Rexeal 100 both of which are approved to US Military specification US MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 and 3).

Gary Lloyd, Managing Director of Coventry-based Ultraseal International, said: "In contrast to Europe, India's economy is booming and we are expecting demand for Ultraseal's world-beating sealants to rise as the automotive market in India becomes ever more sophisticated.

"Automotive suppliers are now facing increasing demands for lighter, stronger and more complicated parts. Quality assurance is essential."

In addition to being a turnkey supplier of impregnation equipment and sealant, Ultraseal India is also an established supplier of consumables and die casting equipment to the foundry industry.