Norman Hay - a history of specialist product innovators.

A brief history of our Group's technical developments...

1930s Norman Hay Norman Leslie Stephen Hay pioneered hard chromium electroplating and the HoneyChrome process incorporating a microcracked, oil retaining surface.
1950s Norman Hay Development of the HAYDAN constant wattage process of hard anodising aluminium.
1960s Norman Hay First large scale use of vacuum distillation for industrial effluent control.
1960s Norman Hay First European automated production lines for electroplating plastics, ABS and Acetals.
1970s Norman Hay First automated production line using electroless copper to provide electromagnetic shielding for IBM computer chassis.
1980s Norman Hay Refinement of the HAYDAN process incorporating cobalt acetate to create thin hard anodic coatings with excellent corrosion resistance when operating in harsh marine environments.
1983 Plasticraft Plasticraft designed, installed and commissioned the first fully automatic chromic acid anodizing plant for the UK Aerospace industry.
1985 Armourcote Introduced Armourcote Tubecote X12 to the market - a unique application that acted as a facilitator in lowering the co-efficient on particularly large pre- assembled components.
1989 Ultraseal The first system to recover and recycle sealant from the cold water wash tank of impregnation system was launched.
1992 Armourcote Armourcote Partchcote was introduced as a tool-box in situ repair to damaged coating on assembled trees, actuators and disadvantaged slip-outs.
1992 Armourcote Armourcote Lubricrome was launched as a means of utilising the macro-cracking that naturally exists in deposited hard chromium, harnessing the crack as a reservoir for lubrication.   
1993 Ultraseal Group R&D resulted in recycling sealant from the hot cure phase of the process, resulting in elimination of the cold water wash phase - delivering further environmental benefits. This technology is promoted under the Autoseal Brand available through MX Systems.
1995 Armourcote Introduced Armourcote Beetleback, the latest generation  for corrosion resistance within the Armourcote range of electro-deposited chemistry, enhancing corrosion resistance by 300%.   
1998 Armourcote Armourcote PRC  was introduced - in its simplest form, "phosphate replacement coat" which allows in-situ repairs without the need for volumes of hot chemistry and consequential effluent.
1999 Plasticraft Plasticraft introduced ground breaking technology for the first time with the Canadian Helicopter Corporation for the composite bonding of aircraft components. The use of modem link technology enabled us to change any of the plc controlled functions, trouble shoot and provide 24 hour support at this crucial facility starting and running the plant from our offices in the UK.
2000 Ultraseal Ultraseal International developed and launched Rexeal 100 recyclable sealant which offers increased temperature resistance, stability and overall performance. 
2001 Armourcote Armourcote 3400 was developed that allowed the deposition onto premium threads of large sub sea components without the necessity of immersion into a vat of chemistry and yet offered gas tight sealing without the use of artificial or interfering organic seals.
2002 Ultraseal Ultraseal developed DB100/DB105 range of detergent and corrosion inhibitors for use in the water phases of the impregnation process to suit the more complex bi-metal components produced by today's leading edge manufacturers.
2004 Armourcote Cerarmourcote  introduced to allow a hard coating to be laid down which could be machined to exact tolerances and thus offer wear resistance  under high loads, temperatures and extreme environments. 
2005 Ultraseal EC505 sealant was developed to offer excellent washing ability in the cold wash phase when used in conjunction with more basic process equipment.  This sealant is a non recycling product and conforms to the NON Dead Fish/Dead Tree classification.
2007 Surface Technology Surface Technology release the next generation of black metal finishing technology - Tricem 3800. New black thin film coating from provides superior corrosion and wear resistance that dramatically exceeds the performance of zinc, alloy, and electroless nickel plated finishes in thin film coating applications.  
2007 Ultraseal Electroseal 35 sealant was developed for use in the electronic industry to ensure that potential leakage paths between wires and mating plastic plugs are leak tight.
2007 Armourcote Expansioncote was developed to assist oil & gas operators and tool manufacturers globally.   


"A world class pedigree in leading sealant and coating innovations"