Integrated Process Solutions

IPS has recognised that finishing is a value-added process and is adopting a new approach to our customers and partners and taking the process to our customer base.
The industries we serve include automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, electronic and renewable energy.

Major Process Plants and
Manged Services Installations

IPS has partnered with many companies worlwide supplying, operating and managing plant for a variety of industries.

Case Study One

IPS was approached in 2004 to work with Bosch Dalian, to design and build a plating line for their production facility in China. The company had recently expanded in China, to maintain benchmark costs and world class quality by establishing a new facility.

Case Study Two

Due to the emerging markets in South Africa, IPS were invited to support an Electroplating job shop in Johannesburg, South Africa. Astec SA is considered the most modern plating facility in South Africa. It offers the latest technology to the local automotive suppliers.

Case Study

World class Managed Services for In-House Process Plant

We are leaders in the provision of managed services for the build, operation and management of process plant for plating, coating and impregnation production.

We provide proven expertise and experience to build production facilities at your site, with the quality and efficiency that will give a real competitive advantage.

We offer world class expertise, experience and skills for:-
Project start-up Management, Plant Design, Procurement, Build, Process Operation, Quality, Training, Ongoing Production and Plant Management.

Our Managed Service Brands

Surface TechnologyUltrasealPlasticraft