Norman Hay surface coatings, protect and coat surfaces to improve product performance, increase productivity and improve lifecycle costs. 

The need for durability, temperature tolerance, hardness, friction control and protection from chemical attack are all day to day requirements that we deal with.

We are global leaders in the development and application of specialist surface coatings using state of the art surface engineering. We provide wear and corrosion resistant coatings for a wide range of industrial applications. We offer pressure testing services, preparation services, full laboratory testing and technical consulting support. 

Our products  

We offer over 150 standard coatings. We also respond to new projects, tighter specifications, differing priorities and environmental issues using our expertise and experience to offer customised solutions. 

Our chemical surface coating technologies have been designed to provide the following features and characteristics:

SURFACE RELEASE to minimise the unwanted adhesion of products to production machinery, reducing cleaning time, product wastage, contamination of product, damage to machinery.

FRICTION CONTROL to minimise friction without the use of liquid lubricants, created when two surface surfaces operate in contact with each other. This reduces wear, heat generation, running costs, maintenance costs, machine downtime and operational limitations.

CORROSION PROTECTION to provide sophisticated single or multipart surfaces which resist the attack of aggressive media and environments

What are our specialist coating products?

Our coatings include:  Electroless and electrolytic plating. Spray coatings. Conversion coatings. Paint systems. Including: Nickel and Nickel Composites, Reinforced PTFE, Niflor, Molybdenum Disulphide, Zinc alloy and Zinc alloy composites, Copper, Silver and multi layer composite coatings.

How do our customers benefit?

Surface Technology products are focused on improving our customers' productivity and profitability. In equipment terms it means uninterrupted efficiency. That's why the onus is on us to ensure our coatings stay the course. Whether giant rollers for printing machines or tiny camera components the question we know you focus on, is always 'how long will it last?'