We design, manufacture, apply and distribute specialist chemicals, sealants and industrial coatings that perform in harsh and challenging environments. We also operate and manage process plant and equipment at customer facilities worldwide. 

Our chemicals, systems, process plant and technical support assist our customers to maximise the performance of their components and materials. Our products and services provide levels of quality enhancement that protect, repair, maintain or extend these lifecycles.

What our products and services do

Surface Coatings

  • We specialise in modifying component surfaces to operate in harsh environments  
  • We coat products to assist "surface release" "friction control" and "corrosion protection"

Managed Services

  • We operate and manage in-house impregnation surface treatment plants at our customers' premises 

Impregnation sealants

  • We provide permanent solutions to porosity in materials, especially metal castings  
  • We seal materials to improve our customers' component quality and performance

Process Plant and Equipment  

  • We operate and manage in-house surface treatment plants and impregnation lines within our clients premises


What our services include

Design services - Development of solutions for customer specific applications

Chemical manufacturing - Production of chemicals, sealants and coatings   

Product testing - Pressure testing, Hydraulic testing, Hydrostatic testing, corrosion resistance evaluation

Preparation services - Shot blasting and ultrasonic cleaning

Finished coating services - PTFE, Reinforced PTFE, Electroless Nickel, Electroless Composites, Niflor, Moly coatings, Conversion Coatings, Anodising, Paint systems. 

Sub-contract coating - External sub-contract centres and in-company outsourcing services

Sub-contract impregnation - External sub-contract centres and in-company outsourcing services

Technical support - Technical advice and consulting 

Process Plant supply - Building specialist process plant machinery and equipment 

Non destructive testing - Crack detection tools, equipment and services

Equipment supply - Providing specialist chemical application equipment


Chemical solutions for harsh and challenging environments

With some of the strongest brand names in the industry we offer:


  • Lubrication
  • Speed pressure friction
  • Friction release
  • Surface release
  • Durability and hardness
  • Sealing and bonding


  • Corrosion
  • Friction
  • Water attack   
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Hydrophobic moisture
  • Chemical attack   
  • Adhesion